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RISCON TOKYO is one of the largest comprehensive risk management tradeshows in Japan, which markets advanced products and services that cover potential operational risks focusing on, Disaster Risk Reduction, Business Risk Management, and Security. RISCON TOKYO is highly recognized as an innovator in risk management tradeshows serving as a marketplace that interacts with their executives and administrators. This is not limited to national and local governments, key infrastructure, commercial facilities, schools, hospitals, and manufacturers. It provides an ideal business opportunity for exhibitors to enter or expand sales channels in the risk management market.

Visitor Performance

Although being held during the COVID-19 pandemic for the third consecutive year, the number of people visiting RISCON TOKYO in pursuit of a face-to-face business conversation or information at an in-person exhibition increased year after year. The venue was revitalized, and full of visitors aggressively mingling, or having a business talk with exhibitors who offer various proposals for crisis management.

14,287 11,905 10,690
(including Colocated Show and Special Affiliated Event for three days)

Result Report 2022

Visitor Report
Visitor’s Breakdown by Industry
Visitor’s Breakdown by Job
Opinions of Visitors

・We want to see a tool for collecting and aggregating information on damage from earthquakes and other disasters. [national/local government]

・We want information on cyber security measures in factories. [manufacturing industry]

・We want to make exhibits related to BCP more efficient. [welfare]

・We are looking for stockpile food and other items for use in shelters during disasters. [community association]

・We want information on inspection solutions utilizing drones. [Information and communication industry]

・We are looking for products related to disaster shelter management and restroom solutions. [hospital]

Exhibitor Report
As a place to enter a business
As a place to introduce new products & technologies
Opinions of Exhibitors

・Visitors’ awareness of information gathering was high, and there were more opportunities for business negotiations than expected.

・We gained a lot of interest by having visitors actually see the products. It should lead to the development of new markets.

・We were able to get ideas for new products.

・We were able to meet visitors who were highly motivated to buy.

・A valuable opportunity for public agencies and related companies to gather at one place.

・We were able to make contacts with local governments and government agencies.

Management Office
Address: c/o ATEX Co., Ltd. Daido Seimei Kasumigaseki Bldg 4F,
1-4-2 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0013, Japan
Address: c/o ATEX Co., Ltd. Daido Seimei Kasumigaseki Bldg 4F,
1-4-2 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0013, Japan