Effective Measures against raging Natural
Disasters and Latest Risk Measures make use of Weather Data

What's Weather Disaster・Risk Measures Summit

Weather data is a key element for social infrastructure within all industries. In addition to its uses in disaster preparedness and management, and risk control mainly within not only Government, Municipal Office and enterprises but also the areas of transportation, energy, and other key infrastructure, it is increasingly used as big data by manufacturers to manage production, by logistics operators to forecast demand, and by agriculture and construction companies to plan their work schedules. RISCON offers Weather Disaster・Risk Measures Summit, a special affiliated event featuring weather business using weather monitoring and meteorological data is newed by gathering . The products and services offered in this specialized area will not only include a wide range of systems and applications about meteorological data, from monitoring, measurement, and analysis to solutions and related equipment but also focus on Natural Disaster Measures from Disaster Management of RISCON.


*What`s Weather Business Consortium

Weather Business Consortium which is composed of not only meteorological operators but also IT, agriculture, retail, finance, electric industries including academic experts who are familiar with cutting edge of IoT and AI and so on belongs to Japan Meteorological Agency promotes weather business not only to create latest business model make use of cutting edge of meteorological data but also to make use of weather information which is adapted to technological progress like a weather satellite and radar by co-operated with Industry-government-academia. Further, Weather Business Consortium arranges human resource development and keeps gathering information to promote weather business make use of meteorological data at high level.



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