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What's Securing Lifeline on Emergency

The Security & Safety Trade Expo (RISCON TOKYO), Japan’s largest comprehensive risk management trade show, will establish the special affiliated event “Securing Lifeline on Emergency” with a focus on electricity and energy as well as information dissemination and telecommunications, which are necessary to protect people’s livelihood during emergencies such as disasters and continue business. Weather disasters such as typhoons and torrential rain are increasing in scale, and earthquakes may occur in the Tokyo Metropolitan area or around the Nankai Trough at any time. During last year’s typhoons Faxai and Hagibis, which are still fresh in our memory, accurate information dissemination and securing of lifelines (e.g., electricity, gas, water, and telecommunications) were recognized once again as urgent issues. The disruption of lifelines directly leads to the suspension of daily life and businesses and may cause secondary damage, and measures to minimize its effect must be taken by infrastructure operators and local governments, as well as at a community, company, and family level. This event gathers a wide range of products and services that respond to the urgent challenge of protecting life and business. It will provide business matching opportunities for the exhibitors and visitors.



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